Asami: The Furry Samurai


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It was a peaceful day in the life of the village when suddently a huge spaceship attacked with an army of evil cute creatures. It’s time for Asami to defend it and restore the peace!

Your skills will be tested in this fast peaced adventure game. You’ll need to avoid deadly obstacles, defeat evil creatures and machines, collect coins, bonuses and more!

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Asami: The Furry Samurai is available for BlackBerry phones including Z10, Q10 and Q5 models and it’s FREE!

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android blackberry



And we are back!

After some super-busy years without updates we are finally back!

A lot of things happened while we worked hard for some nice clients, and now it’s time to start updating the site again with nice games by our own while we finish fine-tuning the website.

In the meantime we’ll introduce the Android version of Gazzoline, our world famous time-management game with more than 100 millions of players and counting.

You can download it in free (ad-supported) and Pro version.


Gazzoline Free

You can also download it on Amazon App Store

And for Blackberry 10

Stay tuned! we are coming back soon with more updates!


An army of bio-degradables and re-cyclables is just a light snack for your bio-bots! Your mission in this tower defense game is to defend your road against hordes of incoming trash. This game is not easy to beat, you have to find the way to complete all the levels.

Sponsor: Spil Games
Release date: November 2007